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About us

Welcome to Sarab Herbs, where Ayurveda meets technology!

First Chapter of our Story

Sarab Herbs is a brainchild of two dynamic and promising young professionals who have proved their mettle in their fields over and over again. When Mr. Hardeep Kukreja, a celebrated IT professional, who hails from the beautiful State in the Himalayas, and Mr. Supreet Singh, an award-winning successful entrepreneur, and businessman, met, the  Magic unfolded as two friends united to take their passion for quality and ayurvedic healing to a whole new level. They teamed up with top Ayurvedic experts of India to create Sarab Herbs. From the very beginning, it was quite clear that something extraordinary was in the making.

Sarab Herbs is not just a brand, but it’s a commitment that you will always get the best of Ayurveda.

The Journey of our products begins with a careful selection of the best of herbs. It’s only after various tests on different parameters that our raw material is approved for usage. With our experienced team of experts, strict quality control procedures, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative vision, we are certain that our customers will always feel delighted to buy our products.

Our Inspiration

Sarab Herbs is Inspired by Mr. Sarab Dayal who was an expert in Ayurvedic remedies and knew herbs like the back of his hand. Mr. Hardeeps’s great grandfather and a ray of hope for many, Mr. Sarab Dayal had an exceptional understanding of certain Ayurvedic Medicines and was well known for his expertise.
We hope to make a positive impact with every single product we sell. Our goal is to introduce the amazing benefits of Ayurveda into the ultra-modern lifestyle of our customers. Every product from the house of Sarab Herbs comes with the promise of nature’s purity & assurance of age-old ayurvedic recipes and expertise.

Our Passion

We, at Sarab Herbs, passionately believe in the omnipotent legacy of the world’s oldest form of traditional medicine, known to us all as AYURVEDA. It is no secret that Ayurveda is one of the most powerful branches of alternative medicine available. Legend has it that Ayurveda was created by Lord Brahma, also known as the creator of Humanity. The popularity of Ayurvedic medicine diminished during the British colonization of India but over the past few decades, alternative healing has gained precedence over western medicine. 

‘Ayur’ translates to ‘life’ and Veda means ‘science’, so Ayurveda is essentially the ‘science of life. Our team of researchers respects and understands the massive responsibility of using Ayurvedic ‘recipes’ in a modern scientific set-up with utmost honesty and transparency. What you see is what you get! And what you get is a 100% organic, gimmick-free & clinically proven product that has been crafted to perfection blending modern technology with the glorious age-old secrets of Ayurveda.

Our products are:

·         Organic

·         Sourced from the best

·         Clinically tested

·         Non-toxic

·         Govt. Approved Formulas

Our Team

When two professionals, who happen to be childhood friends as well, joined hands to create something magical, the magic unfolded and the idea of Sarab Herbs was born.

It was in the 2020, when Mr. Supreet Singh, a well established, award-winning successful entrepreneur with more than 9+ years of experience, heading a team of 100+ pharma professionals, and Mr. Hardeep Kukreja, a celebrated IT professional and QA expert, who inherited ayurvedic secrets from his great Grandfather and hails from a beautiful State in the Mystic Himalayas, when they decided to make genuine ancient ayurvedic medicines easily accessible for everyone. Inspired by the dedication of the two, Mr. Inderpreet Kukreja decided to contribute to the initiative by joining in as a partner. Mr. Inderpreet, too inherits Ayurvedic knowledge and has been running a successful Hair and Skin clinic for the last many years.  

As the idea started to take shape, more and the team found the able guidance and expert mentorship of Advocate Ekant Agarwal, Founder, and CEO of Ekant Associates.

Sarab Herbs not only ensures the best in class products but offers very user-friendly customer support as well.

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