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The lungs are one of the most important organs in the human body, responsible for the health and longevity of an individual. The vital Life force – Prana gets absorbed into the body from the lungs and then carried out by blood to all organs. That is why deep breathing in fresh and pure air is considered very beneficial for our physical and mental wellbeing. They are exposed to the dust, smoke, pollutants, Irritants, infections and aerosols which the lungs can pick up very easily. Detoxification of Lungs is a process in Ayurveda which helps in detoxifying the lungs completely and dissolve the accumulated phlegm.

With the benefits of Mulethi, Tulsi, Triphla, Haldi, Lasun, Manjistha, Shikakai, and Trikatu, Sarab Herb’s Vaculung cleanses the lungs by removing the accumulated toxins and waste products to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the Lungs. Sarab Herb’s Vaculung is a unique formulation based on ancient texts of Ayurveda and approved by the Government of India which is very useful for respiratory problems. The herbs with excellent anti-inflammatory properties, enhances the ability of the lungs to eliminate the toxins and waste products.



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